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Artificial Leg Dealers In Delhi NCR Re-Flex Shock with EVO offers the best vertical shock absorption of all the Ossur mechanical feet. With dynamic energy return and all around responsiveness the foot is a great choice for active users. The composite spring in front provides optimal shock absorption that reduces impact subjected to the body. Enhancing both control and comfort during walking and other activities. Incorporation of the EVO feature enables users to experience natural gait progression by utilizing the foot plate to its fullest potential. A more natural gait reduces fatigue and puts less strain on the lower back and sound side.
CUSTOMISED FINGERS / HAND GLOVES IN DELHI NCR INDIA Custom sculpting and painting ensure an individualized fit including: • Optimum match to patient skin tone. • Personalized detail with hair, freckles, moles or scarring. • Functional capabilities can assist in Activities of Daily Living such as pushing, pulling, stabilizing, supporting, light grasping, and typing. • Skin colour and other features are beneath the outer clear silicone layer to prevent fading. • Season Guard can help adjust the color to ensure match throughout the year. • Adjustable armatures may be fitted to allow Prepositioning of each finger for specific tasks.
Touch Bionics, a provider of world leading prosthetic technologies, is pleased to announce the introduction of the flexion wrist for the i-limbTM hands. "The flexion wrist will allow users to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of natural wrist movement while allowing for better positioning during every day functional tasks, " said Ian Stevens, CEO of Touch Bionics. Key features include: • Lock and unlocking function via simple magnetic lock • Spring-loaded wrist flexibility range from +40° to -40° when unlocked • Locked wrist positioning at +40°, +20°, 0°, -40° • Available in both black and neutral colors to match the i-limb hand
These products are acknowledged in the market owing to their reliable features and longer working life. Our products are developed by industry recognized experts who use sophisticated technique. All these products are obtainable in different configurations to complete the precise demands of our patrons. Descriptions : Electric Lock/Electric Hand-wide variety of choices i-Limb Hand compatibility. Lighter, lower price vs. U3 arms. Available now-in THREE bold innovation colors.
Carbon HI-Active Foot For Below Knee Amputee Features: Carbon composite material, Good energy storage and return, Smoother rolloverSandal toe foot cover, Better cosmesis Dust shield, Protects foot, Increases durability 80 mm, Low build height, Suitable for most amputation lengths, 660g light weight design, Decreases energy consumption Soft or stiff heel firmness, Suitable for different user body weights and activity levels,
Our goal is easier usage for the patient and the prosthetist, with new Dual Lock system, Wireless Bluetooth Connection, and other advanced featured electronic arm for artificial functional hand.. Feature: Dual Lock system, friction lock plus the Hi-Load Lock Pin, Wireless BlueTooth connection to the computer, Silent FreeSwing, Functional MC TD’s, with Flexion, Multi-Flex, In-Hand Wrist Rotator, iLimb, Bionic, Robotic Hand Compatible, New L-Codes in process, also call for justification guidelines.
Artificial Limbs Manufacturers In Delhi We At P& O International Deals In Manufacturing Of Artificial Limbs In Delhi i-limb digits is the fully customized electronic prosthesis for people with missing fingers or partial hands. With i-limb digits, one to five missing fingers can be replaced with one of our individually powered prosthetic digits. These digits, which move independently and bend at the joints, work in conjunction with any remaining fingers to help you increase your functional capabilities
Artificial Limbs Dealers In Delhi NCR Based on the reliable design of our i-limbâ„¢ ultra, the i-limbâ„¢ ultra revolution is an externally powered, multi-articulating prosthetic hand offering a range of features beyond the function of the traditional prosthetic hand.
Artificial Knee Or Prosthetic Knee Dealers In Delhi We At P& O International Provide All Solution For Artificial Limbs Like Artificial Knee, Artificial Hands, Artificial Eyes In Delhi