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Artificial Limbs Manufacturers In Delhi We At P& O International Deals In Manufacturing Of Artificial Limbs In Delhi i-limb digits is the fully customized electronic prosthesis for people with missing fingers or partial hands. With i-limb digits, one to five missing fingers can be replaced with one of our individually powered prosthetic digits. These digits, which move independently and bend at the joints, work in conjunction with any remaining fingers to help you increase your functional capabilities
Artificial Knee Or Prosthetic Knee Dealers In Delhi We At P& O International Provide All Solution For Artificial Limbs Like Artificial Knee, Artificial Hands, Artificial Eyes In Delhi
Are You Looking For Artificial Limbs In Delhi We At P& O International Deals In All Types Of Artificial Limbs Robotic Limbs Or Robotic Prosthesis In Delhi And Delhi NCR
Artificial Limbs Dealers In Delhi NCR Based on the reliable design of our i-limbâ„¢ ultra, the i-limbâ„¢ ultra revolution is an externally powered, multi-articulating prosthetic hand offering a range of features beyond the function of the traditional prosthetic hand.
Touch Bionics, a provider of world leading prosthetic technologies, is pleased to announce the introduction of the flexion wrist for the i-limbTM hands. "The flexion wrist will allow users to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of natural wrist movement while allowing for better positioning during every day functional tasks, " said Ian Stevens, CEO of Touch Bionics. Key features include: • Lock and unlocking function via simple magnetic lock • Spring-loaded wrist flexibility range from +40° to -40° when unlocked • Locked wrist positioning at +40°, +20°, 0°, -40° • Available in both black and neutral colors to match the i-limb hand